Stars Falling, Powers of the Heavens Shaken, Why the Message Changes with The Times

I had a dream where I wrote this and published it here, so I’m choosing to make my dream come true.

I’m writing the main ideas (though I can’t remember exact words) I wrote in the dream. I’m sharing all the points I recall at least. Some of them were new to me at the time. I’m also including a bit of extra explanation which wasn’t in the dream.

“The stars will fall from the sky, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”

This phrase shows up in Jesus’ prophecies about the destruction of the Jewish temple in Matthew 24 and Luke 19. These prophecies would be fulfilled during the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD, just like he said they would, within that very generation. (Don’t worry, this will be a positive message)

Revelation 6, at the breaking of the sixth seal, also has a similar prediction. The Sun is turned to sackcloth, the moon to blood, the stars of the sky fall to the earth and the sky itself is split like a scroll. I’m pretty sure this was talking about the fall of Jerusalem as well, just as Jesus spoke of most of these same things happening during that generation in his prophecies.

Obviously, this was not a literal physical event. The stars couldn’t fall from the sky and then… life continue on earth. The moon didn’t literally turn into blood or the sky split in two. These are poetic sayings which are speaking of events taking place in the spiritual realm.

I understand there is a modern Evangelical tradition of interpreting these things as being about the end of the world (yet to come), but that’s wrong.

Jesus said that during those days, there would be great tribulation which had not yet been seen in the land, nor ever would be again. He spoke of men’s hearts failing them for fear. He said that they would see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with great power and glory, which had always been a picture of large scale severe judgment leading to large scale redemption in OT scripture (the coming of the Lord, the day of the Lord).

Revelation 6 speaks about people crying out to the mountains and the hills to “hide us from the wrath of the Almighty and of the Lamb!” Jesus spoke of “great wrath” upon the people. He said that these things would be followed by redemption drawing near, and by a great ingathering of the elect from all over the earth.

History records the fall of Jerusalem as one of the most brutal true stories known to man. The Jews of the time were crucified in huge numbers, the people starved and went insane because of fear, they practiced cannibalism to survive, and in the end human blood filled their temple and their streets like a small lake. At least that’s what I remember from Josephus’ account. It was something like the masses going crazy in Gotham City, in that near final scene from “Batman Begins.”

Josephus recorded a sign in the sky, where a cloud formation took the shape of a sword pointed at Jerusalem, during the week or few weeks before this happened.

I don’t believe that this was a matter of Jesus being pissed at the Jews for crucifying him, taking back his words, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do,” and going ballistic on them with his “great power and glory,” and “the wrath of the Almighty and the Lamb,” like the first middle eastern suicide bomber. At the same time, I’m pretty sure it was the result of his “coming in the clouds with great power and glory.”

His wrath was upon the “powers of the heavens,” the beings spoken of as “the stars of the sky,” which were holding the chains of captive humanity at a celestial level. Judgment upon those higher powers produced their falling down to the earth and causing havoc among those already under their influence.

Revelation 12 speaks of Michael and his angels waging war in the heavens against the Dragon and his angels, and the Dragon being cast out of his place in heaven. He is said to bring a third of the “stars of heaven” with him down to the earth, and to have had great wrath to release upon the people because he knew his time was short. This similar picture may have been speaking of the upcoming fall of the Roman Empire.

The best I can understand such a thing is that it would be something like WW2 causing tremendous chaos, tremendous death and destruction in Europe, but resulting in the people being freed from the rule of Hitler. The fallout of celestial war would be terrible, but a new level of redemption would be released to mankind.

One thing I’ve been slowly coming to understand more about is that the star systems are important, and play a role in determining times and seasons. The creation account in Genesis speaks of stars and heavenly bodies being created, not only to signify times and seasons, but to rule over them. The Lord speaks to Job about his creation, speaking of various high level spiritual beings, “when the morning stars sang together, and the sons of God shouted for joy.”

The book of Revelation is full of reference to the stars, to spiritual war taking place among the stars, and even reference to various constellations. This subject goes a lot deeper, but I’m just sharing about the fact that these “stars falling from heaven” were high level spiritual beings, and in these examples were not good ones.

The “ages” of the happenings and purposes on earth seem to be determined heavily by happenings in that realm. Really, it is we, the sons and daughters of God,  who are meant to govern creation, not to be governed by it. What I’m sharing about is the practical process of power being transferred over to us from what has held it in the past, what has held us as slaves to corruption.

When “the Son of man came in great power and glory,” shaking the powers of the heavens in 70 AD, there was a transfer of power to the sons of God, an age came to an end with the end of the Jewish temple system, and a new level of redemption was released upon mankind.

This was not the only such event in history, but there have been many others. Some have been lesser in scale, and some possibly greater in scale. All in all, I believe that the Lord’s view of history comes from a much different perspective than our own, and revolves much more around who is in power in the high places of the spiritual realm than it does around who is president of the United States.


A small example of this was 2013, when I’ve observed that many people had a rough time spiritually and naturally. I believe the powers of the heavens were being shaken heavily then. Many people’s faith was shaken. Much that we thought was faith but really was our own religious posturing and covering was taken away. There was a time of warfare in the spiritual realm. At least I was aware of more intense pressure in that realm.

I remember a dream early in 2013 where the stars were falling from the sky to the earth, and some of them turned into a huge bus which was headed straight for me. The Lord shared in that dream that I needed to get rid of generational issues or I would be smashed by this bus.

I had a difficult time with that at first, because I didn’t think I had any more generational issues to deal with. I didn’t know how I possibly could after going through everything I knew to pray and to remove such things, having seen good fruit from that. I didn’t know of anyone who did much of anything more than I’d already done to clean up generational junk.

I was led into a newer understanding, that iniquity is the most significant problem passed down generationally, not sins, curses, or demons. Those are more side issues. Learning to not only do Spirit led prayers of repentance for previous generations’ sins, but to trust the Lord to supernaturally remove the resulting iniquity (the twisted nature which results from sin and gets passed down generational lines) was something I found much more powerful for myself and others than previous approaches to generational cleanup.

Along the way to that revelation though, life was more rough that year. I dealt with some difficult circumstances as well as spiritual attacks, I struggled to walk as high and mighty and spiritual as I thought I had been, and was forced by necessity to rely on grace a bit more than upon my own ability to perform.

I recall several ministries at that time which were also getting revelation about that year being a year of heavy warfare, where high level strongholds were being broken and where there would be fallout upon those connected in any way to what was under those strongholds.

One of these ministries even related this to “Pluto being ascendant,” (or some terminology like that) which sounds very New Agey, but was actually probably an expression of the real thing the New Age imitates. I only bring that up because of our subject of the star systems and spiritual happenings within them being a governing force upon earth, whether governed by the Sons and Daughters or by the higher level principalities and powers on the other side.

2001 was another such year. Just about everyone I knew had a rough time in 2001. I was reeling for the next decade or so from what I went through, having so much of what I thought was my walk with God violently ripped out from under me. I’m glad to say that the fallout of 2013 found me in a much less vulnerable place than 2001 had.


When the powers of the heavens were shaken in 70 AD, strongholds were broken, humanity moved into another “age,” and the big difference pointed out in my recent dream was that lust no longer became the issue it had been for mankind. This is why you see such vicious tirades against lust and against the overt sins of the flesh in the epistles of the New Testament, but today you don’t see the Spirit focusing on that very much. We see a message focused on the Father heart of God, identity in Christ, and more upbeat things of that nature mostly being inspired by the Spirit today.

It isn’t that lust and the sins of the flesh aren’t an issue at all, but that they aren’t the issue they once were. Today, we have access to some things on the internet they didn’t then, but I’m pretty sure they still had worse. I’ve heard one historian say that the popular theater in those days was not only dedicated to Pagan gods, but that the actors tended to perform naked and regularly did sex acts onstage. The Jews lived under the law, with no power over sin but that of their own making.

The Pagans worshiped their gods and goddesses in the standard religions of the world’s most powerful empires by sleeping with temple prostitutes. In the Roman army, it was customary for older soldiers to keep young boys around to sodomize. It wasn’t that these people were “gay,” it was just that such a thing was normal and expected.

I wasn’t around back then, all my experience comes from modern day, where I’ve been seeing most people pretty much going crazy with lust all my life, but the message of this dream at least still makes sense to me. The point is that there was a breakthrough, and that it isn’t as big of an issue as it was, that the heart and message of the Spirit is no longer focused on it in the way it was when the NT was written.

Today, in this age, my sense is that the message of the Spirit to us revolves around the gift of the Father. Not a gift from the Father, but the Father himself as the gift. He has given himself to us freely, with open arms, saying “Welcome home son/daughter!” There aren’t conditions of behaving better first to qualify for this gift.

He is removing our shame, not trying to stuff our noses in our carnality. He is inviting us into relationship with no strings attached, revealing his love more clearly, taking away the veils of superstition and self-imposed religious rigor. He is taking our attention away from our bad behaviors rather than back to them in this present age. Apparently, this is more the battle of our times.

Scripture still carries the authority of being the written word of God, it is still applicable to today, but just like how the law of Moses doesn’t apply to us in the same way it did to the people in the age it was written, apparently the emphasis on overcoming the lust of the flesh found in the NT epistles isn’t meant to be such an emphasis to our generation, after that celestial stronghold was diminished in 70 AD.


One thought on “Stars Falling, Powers of the Heavens Shaken, Why the Message Changes with The Times”

  1. There has always been a warring in me between the idea of the “struggle” against the flesh and the verse which says all the old things have passed away and everything has become new in us as a new creation in Christ. If everything is new, there is no longer the old flesh or the old nature, nor is there the lust of the flesh. It is downright silly to keep beating a dead horse.


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