Jenn’s Overhaul – A Story of Healing Fractured Parts, Physical Diseases, and Emotions


This is one of my more impressive testimonies of how physical healing, emotional healing in root memories, and healing of fractured parts can all work together. This is an account from a few years ago of working “Jenn” through healing in all these areas, used with permission.

A friend and I were praying for a young woman’s healing. Jenn had wanted to be healed from one painful condition that her doctors had been stumped by: an inflamed, ulcerated bladder. It seemed she would be left to suffer with it long term.

It was a great day. As we prayed for her using simple, Spirit-led commands of faith, she was not only instantly healed of all symptoms of the ulcerated bladder (long term), but from something like seven or eight other conditions as well.

We were led to address issues with her eyesight, her back, her neck, a shoulder which hadn’t been able to raise one arm above her head, one leg an inch and a half shorter than the other, one foot which couldn’t push downward due to a neurological problem, etc. Each physical issue was being completely resolved before our eyes one after another. The leg grew out to the length of the other, the arm could now be raised overhead, the immobilized foot pushed down, she could read things she couldn’t read before with her eyesight, and so on. It was amazing.

Along the way we were led to address various emotional issues. We resolved them through tracing emotions back to their source in earlier memories, handing over the pain and anger found in them to the Lord for him to remove based on the work of the cross. Standing on the scriptural promises that Jesus is “the Lamb of God who takes away our sins,” and that he “bore our griefs and carried our sorrows,” we were quickly and simply removing one deep emotional problem after another. (Details on how to do that well can be found here.) After getting rid of emotional wounds in this way, we would continue going after more outward issues and seeing more physical healing.

Jenn then shared that she had something called “Chiari malformation,” where she was born with her skull a bit too small, resulting in some of her brain tissue protruding into her spinal canal. I’d never heard of this but figured that if God can grow a leg out he can also grow a skull. In response to prayer, she shared that she could feel the base of her skull growing larger and relieving pressure from her brain.

We were also led to pray for her digestive system, and I had an image of the Lord giving her a bowl of cereal to eat. She replied that a bowl of cereal was one of her favorite things, but that she would have terrible problems in her gut if she dared to eat one. Since her faith was encouraged by all the other miracles she had just received, she said she would eat a bowl of cereal soon. When I heard back from her a week later, she said that she was eating cereal without any problem.

At the end of the day, there had been many breakthroughs internal and external, but there was still one neurological problem we couldn’t resolve. She was unable to flex one of her feet and toes in a certain way, and this didn’t respond much at all to any type of prayer we tried. She would walk around limping everywhere she went due to this stubborn issue.



I was invited back to pray with her again another day, and I asked the Lord what he wanted to deal with before heading over. I had a sense of part of her being fractured, and a sense of a young girl, around teenage, on the inside of her. When we met up though, my discernment was different. I wasn’t picking up on a teenage girl anymore, but a baby who needed to be warmed up in some way. I began questioning whether I was just off since what I was getting wasn’t consistent.

I asked her to get quiet and see if anything responded as I tried to call a child inside her to the surface. I asked her to pay attention to any thoughts, feelings or images coming to the surface inside of her as I called out to any fractured part within. Her part in this, as described, looked just like listening to the Lord, but was to be focused on listening to a part of herself. She immediately became aware for the first time that there was a teenage girl inside her, and one who had some strong emotions.

I tried to talk to the teenage girl and invite Jesus to reveal himself to her, but Jenn shared with me that the girl was being blocked by a dark presence from communicating with me. There was a demon there who would get in the way and would speak to the mind of the woman being ministered to, swearing at me and threatening me from within her.

Defaulting to previous knowledge and experience, I began sharing with the teenage girl that Jesus would cut the ties between this evil being and herself, freeing her from it if she would only give him permission.

Usually, this is a common situation with fractured parts, that the demonic has tricked them into making agreements of some kind, maybe disguising themselves as another fractured part or even as Jesus himself to trick the parts, and all that is necessary is for the fractured part to renounce any agreements with the demon/s, give Jesus permission to remove them, and he does.

This time, Jenn relayed back to me that this part of her was trying to give Jesus permission, but the demon was still not being removed. This wasn’t typical. I needed to find out what the real issue was.

I asked the teenager to ask Jesus what he was saying she needed to do to get rid of this thing. What she heard from him, reported back to me through the adult woman, was, “Give your heart.”

Apparently, this teenage part had not yet given her heart to the Lord. This can also be a common issue with fractured parts. They may not have given their heart to Jesus. They may not have become born again, even though the main personality of the “host” has. As soon as the teenage part did give her heart to Jesus, the demon was removed, and I was then able to talk with her without interference.

Jenn expressed being especially grateful for this. She was pretty spiritually sensitive, so she had known for a while that there was a “darkness” inside her, and now she was aware that it was finally gone.

I began asking the Lord to reveal what he wanted to do for this teenager to heal her further. Before she would be ready to be integrated into the adult woman, it would be important to make sure she was fully healed. I was asking her to pose this question to Jesus and to report back what he said.

When working with fractured parts, I am always looking for Jesus to bring thorough, complete healing and cleansing to the parts before integrating them. This way the woundedness which caused them to fracture, as well as any other problem issues picked up throughout their life, will not be integrated into the core person, only the healthy aspects which were separated.

Jesus can quickly take away any hurts or issues if the fractured part is only willing to hand them over to him. He simply takes them away, and they have no more presence or effect. I tell people, tongue in cheek, “to think of it like Jesus is magical.” He heals parts faster and easier than any therapy known on earth. We just need to have enough of a grid for that to invite him to. He doesn’t temporarily put the issues out of awareness, but he removes them forever.

Sometimes it can get more complicated when the parts are deceived and unwilling to cooperate with Jesus. There may be a need for him to reveal who he truly is and to address various lies the parts are believing. I try to rely on him revealing truth directly to them, getting their permission to find out what he has to say about a certain subject and then inviting him to speak to them, rather than trying to counsel the parts so much myself.

I’m also not looking for Jesus to heal the parts by uncovering all the lies they believe behind their woundedness and explaining truth in all those areas. That isn’t necessary, would take too long, and could become extremely painful for some people. What I’m looking for is for Jesus to counteract any deceptions or concerns the parts have which are preventing them from being willing to cooperate with him, to then lead them in handing over all their hurts and issues to simply be removed.

If I remember correctly, there were one or two emotional issues which were easily removed for this teenager. I think she was only concerned about the care of another younger part and needed to hand the worry and responsibility of that to the Lord.

Jenn told me that she had just become aware that the teenager inside her was also carrying a baby in her arms. The teenager was a caretaker of this baby. She became aware that this baby was another fractured part of her, coming from a time when she had been left alone in a freezing attic for several days as an infant.

Now it made sense to me that I had perceived a teenager inside Jenn before coming over to pray, and then when I got there I had perceived an infant who needed warming up. I had not shared this with Jenn before she saw it herself. The teen girl was led to hand the baby girl over to Jesus, who warmed her up and brought healing to her as he held her.

Now that both of these parts had been completely freed and healed up, Jesus was saying that they were ready to be integrated into the core woman they originally were fractured off from. I am careful to ask Jesus in these situations and to have the parts ask Jesus if they are really ready to be integrated or if there are any remaining issues to be healed. I don’t want to integrate woundedness into the person being ministered to, as can happen. I want to get the woundedness healed from the parts first so that integration will be a positive step for them.

Parts can be afraid of being integrated. They may think it will mean they will die or something. They are actually going to be brought more to life. Instead of being stuffed away and only coming to the surface when they are triggered or called upon to perform their function, they will be “out” all the time as part of the whole person, living as one.

I am careful to ask the parts themselves if they have any questions, unsettled emotions, or pains, things which we may need to invite Jesus to minister to before integration. If you leave these things unresolved, the parts may play along and pretend to be going into integration, but really may only be going into hiding because they aren’t comfortable with that yet.

With fractured parts, you can be dealing with young and immature, very wounded and fearful parts of a person. It can take time to earn their trust and to walk them through taking all their issues to the Lord as they become comfortable doing so.

As soon as the teenager and the baby were integrated into Jenn, her stubborn neurological issue was immediately healed. She began walking circles around her home excited that she was finally able to walk without a limp, her previously stuck foot now functioning fully like the other. Although a friend and I had seen success with many other of this woman’s healing needs previously, for this particular healing to take place, her fractured parts had needed to be healed and integrated. Her healing, internal and external in these areas, remained stable long term (a year plus) as far as I’m able to tell.

This is an example of a very easy integration. It can get a lot more complicated and difficult depending on where the person is at spiritually, how many and what kind of issues their parts have, etc. You may need to spend a lot of time working through deep trust issues that a person’s parts have towards the Lord and towards people for all the hard things they have lived through before you can even get them to begin interacting with him much or handing their hurts over to him.



There were further developments. After her integration and healing, she quickly got involved in a relationship with an emotionally abusive man who had little grid for spirituality. I didn’t know about the abusiveness until after the fact. Even not knowing that I would have liked to see her develop and solidify her spiritual walk and her recent personal breakthroughs instead of running off, but it just wasn’t where this guy was taking her.

I realized that it wasn’t my job to try to control her life, but that she needed to walk out her process and do what she wanted to do. She needed to figure things out herself. Seeing her with this guy once or twice, I noticed that her shoulder and neck were again giving her trouble as they had before her original healing and that she didn’t seem too motivated to get that resolved spiritually. This was frustrating to see. Praying, I was led to sit tight until this relationship fell apart. In about six months or so it did, and she got in contact with me again.

Jenn’s shoulder and neck were still giving her trouble, although the other healings she experienced had remained intact. She was planning to go into expensive and temporarily debilitating surgery on her shoulder. (It was frozen in place again.) This was the same shoulder which I had prayed over before and seen her raise above her head.

She had also now been seeing a Christian counselor who had diagnosed her with PTSD from earlier abusive relationships. She described being in constant “hyper-alert” mode, always on the lookout for danger.

Praying with her again, we traced the emotions of her “hyper alert mode,” as well as those related to previous abusive relationships back to their sources in earlier memories. The traumas, fears, and anger in her life at the time, as well as those experienced in memories of her abusive adult relationships, were only emotional echoes of childhood memories. These were memories related to an abusive stepdad along with a few other situations.

It took about 15-20 minutes to listen to her, to walk her through tracing those emotions back to their roots in her original childhood traumas, and to trust the Lord to take the painful emotions away. In that time she found relief from her PTSD symptoms such as the hyper-alert mode and her known negative emotions from abusive relationships. As these emotional issues were healed, her neck and shoulder suddenly relaxed again and stopped hurting her.

Apparently, her earlier healing in these areas had only been in the physical, but there were still emotional roots causing tension, leading to the symptoms returning later when she was put under similar stress. When we finally dealt with these emotional issues, she was able to maintain healing long term. This situation is common.

When such a thing occurs, we can at first be tempted to think that the original healing wasn’t real, that it was some kind of mental trick or a false sign or something. We only need to keep pressing in and get the source of the problem resolved rather than only the symptoms. The recurrence didn’t mean that God hadn’t resolved her symptoms in the first place or that he was teasing her with a temporary blessing. It only meant that she needed some deeper work to get things resolved permanently.

Although the tension and pain were now gone, I still had to pray over her shoulder for her to be able to raise it overhead. It appeared that it had physically locked up (again) after six months of tension. It still needed a miraculous work beyond the emotional healing. She found healing that day again and was able to raise her arm overhead without pain. She would not need the surgery she had been planning for.

Although this story is an example of very rapid healing in all these areas, and not everyone moves through things anywhere near this quickly, it is also an example of process. Nobody gets all their issues resolved in one prayer session or just a few. If we are being realistic, there is a need for all of us to continually make more progress.

Too often, I’ve run into a mentality among Spirit-filled crowds that we are supposed to get “totally healed” or “totally free,” and that this is supposed to happen immediately, or maybe after going through somebody’s little program. That is religious fantasy, not reality. I think it’s more of a sales pitch. People are more likely to buy something if it promises spiritual perfection in a single day. Such a thing doesn’t require a minister to really get down into the nitty-gritty with anyone, only to do their hocus pocus, take people’s money, and move onto the next customer. People are left with a delusion that causes them to resist dealing with their real issues.

I don’t think I’ve ever known anybody who has gotten “totally free and healed,” but everyone can receive more freedom and healing if they are willing to. I know I am still receiving more. There can be a need for persistence and a need for resolving roots in the healing process. All of these things, fractured parts, emotional wounds, physical conditions and more, can be interrelated.

People will also make decisions with their lives to go in a different direction and may end up needing to get some of the same issues resolved once again in the future. Thank God that he is patient with us even when we do this, or we’d all be doomed. We need to reflect this patience with people and be willing to minister to them without condemnation as they become ready again to receive.

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