Lion, Ox, Eagle, Man Revelation


Praying for an injured friend in the hospital with a team, I was shown the Lord with the one suffering in the form of the Lion, the Ox, the Eagle, and the Man. Each was performing a function according to their unique purpose.

Many are familiar with these as the four faces of the Cherubim at the beginning of the book of Ezekiel, but they are also found in other places throughout scripture. The nation of Israel camped in the wilderness in a formation with four banners to each cardinal direction, and each banner had one of these images upon it: Lion, Ox, Eagle, and Man.

The four gospel accounts are said to represent Jesus in each of these forms. Matthew reveals the Lion nature of Jesus, focused on the story of the King who came to establish his kingdom. Mark reveals the Ox nature of Jesus as a laboring and suffering, powerful servant. Luke reveals the Man nature of Jesus as a relational, compassionate communicator. John reveals the Eagle nature of Jesus, “he who is in heaven” even while he lives on earth, with keen spiritual perception and revelation.

Also, at the end of the book of Job, the Almighty speaks to Job of “bringing forth Mazzaroth,” which was the Hebrew name for the Zodiac constellations. Though modern astrology interprets these through the lens of Pagan mythology, they were originally designed to tell the story of redemption through Jesus Christ.

There is a different, more ancient interpretation, partially lost to antiquity yet still possible to explore through ancient historical sources, the old Hebrew and Arabic names of the stars which make them up, etc.

In the Mazzaroth, the story of redemption, the Lion (Leo), Ox (Taurus), Eagle (Earlier interpretation of Scorpio), and Man (Aquarius) offer many insights into these aspects of the Lord’s nature. With some deeper study into this, as well as looking at the various gospel account emphases, one could find confirmation to some of what I’m about to share.

Also, I’ve run into situations where the Lord has come to minister to other people in the form of a Lion, an Ox, an Eagle, and as a Man as they have perceived him themselves.


I saw the Lion exercising dominion over the enemy, establishing a place of safety for the woman who had been under severe demonic attack. The Lion is Jesus the King, establishing his kingdom where only good is allowed and nothing evil on earth as it is in heaven, putting a final end to every work of darkness. The person I was praying with had already seen the Lion there, establishing these things even before I did.

I saw the Ox plowing the ground around the hospital bed where the woman was lying, preparing to turn the hard circumstances into a productive future. The Ox gets his hands dirty in the hard and ugly realities of people’s suffering and darkness. He plows hard ground into good soil for the seeds of the kingdom to grow, preparing for a future harvest out of lifeless, resistant, nasty dirt.

The Ox has been seen “cleaning house,” removing bondages and hurts, just as the gospel of Mark reveals Jesus constantly doing miraculous works, healing and delivering people one after another.

I was seeing the Eagle also guarding my friend in the hospital, using his great spiritual perception to pick off the enemy as he would attempt to make sneak attacks on her. The eagle is a predator of the serpent, and the serpent is called in Genesis, “the most cunning of all beasts.” His only power over the sons of God is that which we give him, and he always obtains it through trickery.

The Lord as Eagle was focusing his sharp vision on discerning the enemy’s subtle attacks and tactics to put a stop to them.

The Lord as Man was most interesting to me. I was being shown how he was overseeing complex processes, doing deep and intricate surgery inside my hurting friend. The Man was overseeing and administrating the Divine purposes within time, arranging for one blessing to be poured out at exactly the time it was needed, then another prepared to be poured out at the next, perfect time for that blessing, and so on.

I was especially being shown the Man’s dominion over Divine timing, and how his great wisdom and understanding was applied to arranging the Lord’s process in my friend’s life ahead of time.


My friend wasn’t healed from the condition she was hospitalized for. She required an amputation of her leg, despite the faith-filled and Spirit-led prayers of many, even despite my visions and revelations of the Lord warring on her behalf.

Still, the story isn’t over. I believe the Lord intends to grow her amputated leg back completely. He anoints us and sets a table for us (fellowship with him) in the midst of our enemies, not in the midst of every circumstance always being perfect.

In no way do I believe the Lord has abandoned or failed my friend who many of us have carried so heavily in our hearts during this time. Everything will be turned around. A resurrection awaits.


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