A Glimpse Into the Afterlife: Plundering the Gates of Hell, Freeing Captives in this World and That



Before I was scheduled to pray for a woman, I was shown to go after freeing her from disembodied human spirits which had been passed down her generational line.

I’m talking about dead people. People who have passed on and who were still spiritually bound. They are sometimes caught in captivity by the demonic and used to oppress their own descendants (or others). I’ve run into this consistently, and have seen real fruit from freeing people from such things (including in my own life).

Here is a link to Dave Nevins’ quick explanation of this subject if it is a new one to you.

The enemy has no power other than what we give him, so what better way to establish his foothold in people than to implant the spirits of his captives within them. This seems to be a very common strategy which he uses to fortify his grip on people and on geographic locations.

I’ve found that these human spirits infect their host with the spiritual bondages, physical and emotional issues they themselves carry. Sometimes they even intentionally work against the person, either out of their personal wounding and malice or on a direct assignment from the enemy.

Some are just lost or operating with a more neutral type of agenda, looking to get a need met or not knowing where else to go. Freeing someone from disembodied human spirits not only tends to clear them from whatever problems were being caused by their presence, but can lead to these spirits meeting the Lord, finding redemption, healing, and deliverance, moving on into glory.

I was shown a “boss” human spirit, a large and broad man, appearing dark skinned, who was in charge of the captivity of a number of other human spirits. He himself was under the authority of the enemy. I was led to try to reach him, to set him and those under his authority free, which would free the woman up from the bondages they were carrying. When I told her about the “boss” (without sharing identifying characteristics), she said that she had seen him standing at the foot of her bed the night before. She described him as a very large, scary man with somewhat dark colored skin.

One exciting aspect of this prayer time, besides the opportunity to explore an area few have shared much detail about publicly, was the fact that the woman I was praying for is incredibly spiritually sensitive. She sees visions like movies playing in front of her in HD clarity, and has a very strong sense of when the Lord is confirming the truth of this or that revelation. She had little to no grid for this subject, and so this experience was shaping up to be a great learning experience for the both of us.


Meeting “Boss Man.”

I called for this boss spirit within her to come to attention, sharing that I wanted to free him as well as his host from all the torment and bondage they were living in. I invited the Boss Man to tell me his story or to share anything he wanted to share. The woman I was praying for could see him, and but could tell that he wasn’t too happy with me or willing to talk. His lips were sealed tight, other than apparently the words, “Let’s tango.”

I used a tool I’ve found effective in working with fractured parts, which I’ve also found to be effective with disembodied human spirits. (People are people, alive, dead, or fractured, they can be healed and freed in the same ways.) I bound and restrained the demonic from manipulating or controlling the man, and asked him if he was willing to be freed from it. When he said yes, I simply commanded all the demonic to leave him and never return. He softened up quite a bit after that quick prayer.

As the Boss Man began to share, it turned out that he was in charge of a number of other human spirits within this woman, and that he reported to the “Black One.” He was unwilling to break his agreement with the “Black One,” saying that the other spirits needed it “especially the little one.” I questioned him about what the Black One did for them, trying to find out what need was being met so that I could share how the Lord could do a better job of meeting those needs.

Did the Black One offer some kind of protection? Boss Man said no.  He said that the Black One didn’t do a whole lot for any of them. I thought maybe the only reason Boss Man was unwilling to break agreement would be a fear of punishment, for himself and for the ones under his authority.

I declared that I was binding up the “Black One” in chains, completely immobilizing him so that he could do no harm, dragging him into the room before the Boss Man, and putting him down on the floor. Boss Man said that he could now see the “Black One” lying in front of him bound. It turned out as I suspected, that this Black One was a huge demon.

I shared that the human spirits didn’t have anything to worry about from this guy. I shared that Jesus could meet all his needs and the needs of the other spirits, could heal and free them all, including the little one he had spoken of. Boss Man replied, “Who is this Jesus?”

I declared by faith that I was putting a movie in front of the Boss Man, which would show who Jesus is. Boss watched the movie and then said he was “unmoved.” I told him that Jesus was the one who gave me authority to put the Black One in chains. Boss was unimpressed, saying that he’d seen it done before.

I asked him who he had seen put the Black One in chains before? Boss said, “the Red One.” I wondered if there had been some encounter with an angel, or maybe with a praying Christian or something like that. I asked Boss if “the Red One” was a good guy or a bad guy. Boss shared that he was “very mean and vicious.” (That sounded like a bad guy to me.)

I declared that I was now binding the “Red One” in chains, completely immobilizing him so that he could do no harm, and dragging him into the room, putting him down on the floor next to “Black One” at Boss’ feet. It turned out that Red One was an even bigger, nastier demon than Black One, but was now rendered powerless just the same.

I asked Boss if he could see the Red One next to Black One now, and he said “Yes,” exclaiming, “I believe!” He became willing to meet this Jesus I had spoken of.

Before inviting Jesus in, just as when working with fractured parts, I’ve found it necessary to get the human spirits to break all agreements with other spirits who have been in the Lord’s place in their lives. Otherwise, Jesus refuses to override the person’s will and they tend to encounter evil counterfeits rather than the true Jesus. I asked Boss if he’d been involved in the occult or any religions, trying to discern whether he would have picked up any bad “spirit guides.”

Boss said that no, he hadn’t been involved in any religions or spiritual practices, but that he did have an agreement with Death. He described Death as being a dark figure whose face was hidden under a brown hood. I offered to put that guy in chains too, to bring him in and seat him next to the other two, just to show that he had nothing to worry about from breaking agreement.

Boss replied, “NO! DON’T DO THAT!” He seemed to be terrified at the idea of bringing the brown hooded one into the room, and the woman I was praying for could feel his overwhelming terror herself. She nearly wanted to stop the session because the emotions she was feeling from this man were so extreme now.

Boss man said the chains wouldn’t be necessary, that he would simply break his agreement with Death. I got his permission to have Death, Black One, Red One, and all other bad spirits totally removed, along with the fear he was feeling. As I was commanding all that to go, the woman felt the fear leave and the wild emotions settle down.

When we invited Jesus to come in and reveal himself, the woman heard Boss exclaim, “My Lord!” and “I’ve come home!” I asked Boss to examine this Jesus, to tell us what he saw, especially in his eyes. I was making sure that this was not a counterfeit, that it truly had love in the eyes. Boss described this Jesus as “the embodiment of compassion, Life itself, Love, Warmth, a cool drink of water.” I said that sounds like the real Jesus! (and come to think of it, I guess it turns out you can get a glass of ice water in hell if you know who to ask…)

Jesus related to the Boss a bit, and then opened four cast-iron doors behind him. Out of three of those doors came numerous human spirits, some with happy grins, others with tears of joy, rushing out to meet Jesus, finding healing and freedom. Behind the fourth door was an animal like creature, which Jesus healed, turning it back into the form of a child.

Jesus brought the child to the woman, integrated it into her. He led the group of human spirits, Boss included, away to a better place out of captivity and outside the living woman.

This woman described herself as “light as a feather and glowing” after all this was done. She commented that she couldn’t believe how light she felt, how heavy all those human spirits must have been.

15 thoughts on “A Glimpse Into the Afterlife: Plundering the Gates of Hell, Freeing Captives in this World and That”

  1. Often times when ministering to a person it is the internal voice they are hearing and sharing with the person praying and in some cases depending on how strong of a presence it is the AHS can speak directly through the person. At least this is my understanding

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    1. Yeah, as Susan said, the voice is usually perceived by the person receiving prayer, or in extreme cases could speak through them. The one praying can also listen and perceive what the human spirits are saying.

      Could they be fragments of spirits? I’m not totally sure. In this realm, many things are possible and it is all subjective, all filtered through the discernment of the people praying. I think many of them have been whole spirits, but I could be wrong!

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  2. This is very interesting. Quite a few years ago I had some experiences with dealing with human spirits and helping set them free and in turn it helping to free/heal living people. I started getting fearful that I was involved in divination in some way and stopped doing it. I was afraid that I was being deceived because of the scripture quoted about man dying once and then comes the judgment but yes, Jesus set people free from hell and we are called to do even more than He so why wouldn’t we be able to do that as well? He desires for none to perish but for all to come to the knowledge of the truth. I need to pray on this more….thanks for sharing. I would love to discuss more on this Matt if possible if you have time.

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    1. A few thoughts on Hebrews 9:28 “It is appointed unto men to die once and after this comes the judgment:”

      The context (verse before and after) reveals that this is speaking about the death of Jesus, that he died in our place and took our judgment upon himself so that we don’t have to die or face any condemnation for our sins.

      If you consider that Jesus and his disciples gave many people second chances after they died by raising them from the dead, this is obviously not a hard and fast rule which can never be broken. In fact, Jesus’ model and commandment to “raise the dead” shows us that this is a rule he is all about breaking.

      Who appointed men to die? I would say that satan did, not god. Death is an enemy of god according to Paul, how is it that he suddenly switched sides for this one verse? I don’t think he did.

      What is the nature of this judgment? Nowhere does it say this is necessarily a bad thing. What if god’s judgment is restorative, corrective, rather than punitive? What if this verse is literally saying that after death, everybody gets healing, deliverance, and salvation (true judgment). Most of the early church fathers taught this. Richard Murray has much to say about this subject today.

      It’s amazing how little this verse actually says, but how much people often use it to say.

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  3. Our team have dealt with over 400,000 human spirits and demons, however we get 90% of the info needed from the Lord before we start.
    There are almost as many tactics as encounters.
    The skill of an evangelist is required.
    Roman Catholic doctrines of the finality of Judgment after death are found to be false, both in practice and when the Greek text of the New Testament is closely examined.

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    1. I definitely would like to hear more on the subject of the roman catholic dictrine, greek texts of scripture etc


  4. Why have I never heard of this? Over 40 years ago, I was raised in a supernatural atmosphere; people being freed from demonic power, miracles, etc., was natural and normal and no big deal was made about it. But I’ve never heard of this. Thank you so much! And you’re right – your blog is very cool!!! : )


  5. Is there Biblical support for disembodied human spirits caught in captivity? I’m not being a stiff-necked person here, only trying to back this up with the Word of God.


    1. Sure, 1Peter 3:18-20 tells us that Jesus “preached to the spirits of those in prison” who had been dead since the times of the flood.

      At the end of Revelation, the dead are gathered from various places to be judged. Three places are listed: “Death,” “Hades,” and “the Sea.” I’m not sure what “the Sea” is, maybe under the Sea of glass with the martyrs mentioned earlier there in the book (?), but Death and Hades are mentioned several times. They are said to be personal beings, and apparently are spiritual kingdoms which people’s spirits can be in captivity within.

      I think it was Revelation chapter 1 (or 2) where Jesus said, “I am he who was dead, and am alive, and I have the keys to Death and Hades.” Obviously, these are places Jesus can get into and presumably get people out of.

      There are only three places in the gospels where the word “Hades” is used in the Greek. One is where Jesus says that “I will build my ekklessia and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.” I believe that in Christ, we have the keys to Death and Hades, and we can go through those gates to deliver and rescue captives as he leads.

      Another place the word is used is where Jesus is warning the cities he did most of his miracles in, saying that though they think they are exalted to heaven, they will be cast down to Hades. I think that these realms interact with geographical locations, where disembodied spirits, demons, whatever is there in the darkness, manifest on earth. Just like we are to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth through our authority, the enemy has his counterfeit of bringing the kingdom of hades and death to earth through the authority of people submitted to him.

      In the OT, the interchangeable counterpart for “Death and Hades” is “Death and Sheol.” You can tell they are interchangeable by checking how the NT uses the words in place of the other when quoting the OT. (“You will not leave my soul in Sheol”, becomes “you will not leave my soul in hades.”)

      Proverbs 5:5 speaks about an adulteress, “her feat lead down to Death, her steps go straight to Sheol.” Proverbs 9:18 talks about the naive going to an adulteresses house, saying, “little does he know that the dead are there, that her guests are in the depths of Sheol.” Notice that this is a living womans house, but “the dead are there.” Also, Isaiah speaks of people making a covenant with Death and an agreement with Sheol, but that these will not stand.

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