New Book Out

You may have wondered why the posts dropped off. I’ve been working on a few books.

This first one, Broken to Whole: Inner Healing for the Fragmented Soul, was a group project with five other authors, each sharing their unique revelations and experiences on the subject of healing fractured parts. I’ve included more in-depth material and many real-life examples in the book than in all these posts combined. It has been selling well and going to some interesting places. If you are interested in learning more about the subject, I recommend purchasing it.

As much as I like to keep things simple and streamlined, I’ve gone to the trouble of putting together a real website for the sake of getting this info out. It isn’t anything super-impressive, but at least it comes across a bit more serious than an anonymous blog.

Here’s a link to my new site, where I’m in the process of transferring blog content over to and adding new articles and such as well. You will find a link to buy the book there too (second link goes straight to the book page).

Another book “Divine Healing for Spirit, Soul, and Body” is on its way soon. This one is a project with one other author, Diane Moyer, goes deep into the heart behind healing, how the Lord has revealed his heart to us, and how physical, emotional, and spiritual healing are intertwined.

It provides answers to big questions such as why many struggle to obtain physical, spiritual, and emotional healing, and includes many real-life stories of the miraculous on all these levels. It doesn’t go as deep into parts ministry as the other book, but covers a more broad array of subjects such as healing the human spirit, synchronizing core identities, generational cleansing, etc., while focusing on heart rather than technique. It promises to help many find freedom and understanding in areas which are commonly clouded, to help many build a foundation to go deep in each of the many aspects of healing discussed.

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