Combining Healing and Deliverance


Models of deliverance and inner healing abound. Many models emphasize one area or the other, while some combine both. I usually emphasize the healing side, but have found deliverance to be a necessary part of doing that.

I personally can be left shaking my head at things many folks get into in the name of deliverance, but that’s another subject. Sometimes it just comes down to being caught up in fear and buying into the enemy’s common tactic to make himself seem a lot bigger and badder and more in charge of things than he really is.

After Jesus’ resurrection, he said that all authority in heaven and in earth had been delivered over to him. This left zero authority to the Devil and his any of his principalities whatsoever. Consider that. Jesus also sent his disciples out with “authority over all the power of the enemy,” leaving no wiggle room for an argument that even though they don’t have authority, they could still possibly use some kind of brute force to get away with something. All the principalities and powers have been disarmed and defeated at the cross, and placed squarely under our feet according to the clear message of the New Testament.

The only way the demonic gets any ability to do anything in our lives is when we as humans have given them that power. In a nutshell, this is why, when the enemy seems to be able to resist authority in Christ in a deliverance situation, it is never because the demons are that big and bad and such, but only because there is some agreement that needs to be broken on the person’s part. Or, maybe the one praying doesn’t believe in their authority (since it operates by faith).

Getting rid of footholds so that it becomes easy to remove stubborn critters can be as simple as repentance, generational repentance, a simple prayer of confession, etc. Other times though, the footholds are more ingrained and deeper aspects of the heart must be accessed and healed, emotional defenses must be gotten through, and fractured parts must be worked with when they are the ones maintaining the agreement.

This is one reason why I’ve found deeper healing to be, most of the time, much more helpful than only trying to do deliverance, even for the purpose of deliverance itself. Since the enemy has no power or authority other than what we give him, if he seems to have power in someone’s life, the key is to resolve the issue in the person, not to focus on fighting the demonic itself.

Sometimes though, simple deliverance makes a huge difference, and many times it helps people to some degree. Critters can often be hanging around simply because nobody has told them to go, or there may only be a need for a simple “I break agreement with —–” before they can be gotten rid of.

Here are a few examples of what mixing deliverance and inner healing has been looking like for me lately:


A man was asking for healing related to his marriage. He was being triggered to react heavily in anger in some areas, beyond his control, and he wanted that to stop.

I was first shown a squid/octopus like creature, and heard the words “mind-control.” I had a sense that this squid thing would latch onto the man’s mind and cause confusion, cause mind control. I recognized this as a typical fruit of an occult spirit, and that, for some reason, octopus spirits have had a tendency to relate to mind control.

The feedback I then got from the man was that when he would argue with his wife, he not only would get triggered into anger, but would be overcome with confusion and would pace around unable to communicate, overwhelmed at not being able to think straight.

Praying into the origin of the squid/octopus/mind control thing, I was shown occultists in the generational line inviting it in through rituals involving mind control. I had the man come out of agreement with the rituals, the mind control, and several related things I was led to have him speak out, and then I commanded the spirit to go. The man said that he then felt something lifting off of his brain and could hear sounds of suction cups coming loose, such as one would find on tentacles.

I was shown that there was more to this squid thing though, that there was actually a mechanical framework left over after the squid tissue had been removed, and I prayed to have the mechanical squid dissasembled as well. At the head of this mechanical squid, I saw a compartment with a human spirit trapped inside, and if I remember correctly, it was a sacrificial victim passed down the generational line through the occult rituals. I prayed to get the human spirit set free and encountering the Lord, then observed him moving onto heaven.

All this is subjective of course, and I look at the fruit to test things. In this case, the man found relief from confusion/mind control attacks, though he did report that the symptoms tried to afflict him once more. He took authority over it though and it immediately left. With deliverance, it is common for the enemy to re-attack and to seek to re-create symptoms of old strongholds. Many times, all that is necessary is for one to demonstrate that they believe in and will use their authority a few times, and he gets the message. He stops beating his head against the wall. There is a difference between fending off a baseless attack from the outside and dealing from one related to a spirit who still has footholds in a person’s life.

Next, I had the man trace the anger he felt with his wife back to its origin. Lo and behold, it turned out to relate to an issue of control. It turned out that parts were carrying the anger. It only took some quick, simple prayers asking the parts to come out of agreement with counterfeit/religious spirits, to get the real Jesus to them, and to let him heal them up and remove the anger and woundedness related to control.

There were a few more things we did related to other issues, but the man reported weeks later that he was no longer being triggered into anger with his wife like he had before. He was able to communicate in a totally new way with her.


Another person was feeling shut down and blah inside, was losing most motivation and going half-asleep when trying to pray, and they attributed it to (not kidding) being treated roughly by a deliverance minister a few days prior. Real issues had been called out, spirits had left, but the minister’s dogmatic mentalities and heavy handed approach left the person feeling violated and processing the trauma of the ministry session itself. If going by rote, I would have gone after the emotions associated with this, which might have been a productive way, but instead, I asked the Lord what he wanted me to pray.

I was shown this person in a bed, half asleep, and unable to wake up fully because they were being drugged. There was a spirit there which was putting them to sleep. Apparently, this was behind their blahness and literal falling asleep in prayer. I had them come out of agreement with the spirit and told it to go. The person felt it leave and said that most of their sleepiness/blahness left at that point.

Next, I was shown three jewels or gems rotating in their chest area, connected to each other. I was led to have these pulled to the surface a bit, cleansed, and activated or energized, then repositioned within their chest. The person seemed to feel an increase in energy from that as well. I have no idea what the three rotating, connected gems in a person’s chest are about.


A more far out example is from someone who has been carrying more complex things in the spiritual realm due to a lot of illuminati genetics. I tended to see lots of ufo’s, space craft, computerized and electronic equipment, and things of that nature when praying for them, along with other associated themes. Later, I heard that some with lots of experience consider an illuminati background to always be heavily tied into the UFO/alien thing, whatever those actually are. I don’t care so much what they are; I just get rid of them, and I’m pretty sure that’s all the attention they need. Effectiveness is found in rest and reliance on Jesus, not in freaking out and scouring the internet for dubiously sourced ancient alien bloodline theories.

I was first shown a planet, then a being (spiritual being I presume) dwelling there and working some sort of controls that would adjust this planet’s alignment. Light would reflect from the planet according to how it was aligned, and would be broadcast to earth, where it would interface with this person’s energy field. (Science has shown that we all have an energy field, so it isn’t just a “New Age” concept. You may check out “The Body Electric” by Robert O. Becker if you want to nerd out on that subject.)

As the light would enter this person’s electric field, it would act as if it were tendrils, searching and probing inward and trying to reach certain “buttons” that were found within the person. If a button was reached, it would set off a program within a computerized system, and a cascade of various problems would ensue. At the helm of this computerized system was a demonic winged creature, who operated a gearshift. When the demon would shift gears, the system of bondage would shift into a different program, and presumably affect the person’s body and mind in a different way. This would be very effective for the purpose of psychological warfare, for creating a sense of confusion, complexity, and hopelessness.

What I was shown powering this system of bondage were a series of orbs. The orbs had white light on the inside, but were encased in blue light. The white light was the person’s human spirit, and pieces of it had been captured and used to power this system of oppression through these orbs. I had a sense of the blue light being a counterfeit light, used to control and encase the white light, the true power source. In the New Age, blue light is really a big emphasis, and many counterfeit spirits do show up as “blue light beings.” Notice that this whole demonic structure was actually being powered by captured parts of this person’s spirit.

I was led to recover the captured parts of the spirit, to remove the blue light and to restore the white light back to the core person. I was led to then dismantle the gearshift and the various programs that would be shifted into, as well as to destroy the computer system, buttons, and all else associated with these things. Getting rid of the winged creature demon was also part of it.

This was only one small portion of the unusual devices and such that I ran across with this particular person, and I couldn’t tell you what percentage of a difference removing this in itself would have made for sure. All I can say is that I was following Holy Spirit and praying what he showed me. In this person’s case, they had already walked through many different kinds of extensive renunciations and deliverance approaches, and tend to not notice a whole lot going on as a result of such things. All we could point to after the fact was that they found themself getting in touch with a suppressed area of their emotional woundedness at a deeper level that night.

So, where others have noticed immediate and significant results from such simple deliverance as described earlier, this person only noticed more awareness of suppressed hurts after a seemingly large stronghold was removed. Besides this stronghold, I believe I had clearly been shown such things as huge alien motherships coming through portals in space to attack with armies of spacecraft at their side, NASA type space shuttle programs being operated by foreign human spirits hiding behind their cranium, conglomerate parts of sacrificed victims of occult rituals passed down the generational line and mashed together into a single identity somehow hanging around them, and all sorts of different things I haven’t seen before. So interesting, huh?

Overall, I believe I was shown in a dream that the big key for getting rid of the unusual occult/alien/illuminati strongholds and demonic activity oppressing this person’s life was not to be mainly found in going after their inherited programs and all that “weird” stuff (like what I just described), but to be found in healing their emotions. This makes sense, because so many strongholds that present themselves as so highly complex and overpowering and high ranking in Satan’s kingdom, etc., are found to only have any significant foothold at all because of a simple emotional issue such as resentment or shame, or a simple agreement with fear or something of that nature. These are often carried by a fractured part that the core personality may not be used to being in touch with, and so may be unlikely to get resolved through traditional ministry approaches. Our defeated foe is a master at creating an illusion of omnipotence, but has been shown to be 99.9999% hot air far too many times to count.

After all is said and done, with all the crazy computerized, alien mothershiip-y, portals in space-y, hogepodge parts of sacrificed victims into one being, and such things that have been used against this person to make everything seem so complex and hopeless, I’m expecting that they will find easy relief from most of it after processing some emotions and receiving healing on that level. At least, I think that’s what the Lord said.

Of course, the programs and devices have worked to hinder access to the emotions and to punish the person for trying, and so clearing some of that out can help to get easier access. Both deliverance and healing are useful. Overall, I’m encouraged and very thankful for how the Lord has helped this person move forward in their healing in so many ways beyond what I’ve shared. I’ve got lots of hope for them and respect for how they’ve made it this far.


Finally, I want to give a shout out to some deliverance based ministries that I recommend for those seeking such things:


I found freedomencounters to be the most powerful single prayer experience anybody led me through, and have found others to get similar help. Their prayer method is not a panacea. Anybody I’ve known who has done their prayer still needed more, but I highly recommend them for the real breakthroughs they consistently get:


Beverly Sherman Shepherd is a missionary who utilizes very sharp discernment in a simple approach to deliverance, and I’ve seen her approach get great results:


Aslan’s Place is a Spirit-led ministry focusing on breaking generational strongholds, and has been effective for a lot of people:


Moed Ministries also focuses on breaking generational strongholds through “bloodline cleansing” sessions, which I’ve heard good reports from:


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