Recovering Original Self & The Human Spirit


Our “Original Self” is an identity, a most core part of ourselves who is very pure and true to our original design. For most people though, it is hidden underneath multiple layers of protective mechanisms and other, more “practical” facets of self.

Many in prayer ministry settings have reported finding a child hidden within who was made out of translucent light, and that when this child was recovered and rapidly grown to adulthood, it showed up as the most pure-hearted and godly version of themselves they could never have imagined being.

Others who have recovered and explored their Original Self have spoken of an identity who was closest to their divine purpose and who had the most access to spiritual experiences, being closest to their human spirit. Being such a valued part of ourselves though, our Original Self identity is typically surrounded by “bodyguards,” so to speak, to protect it from damage in the outside world.

In the most simple situation, there are at least going to be the three facets of what many people think of as their “Core” or everyday persona; the Functional Self, the Guardian Self, and the Emotional Self standing in the way of Original Self ever seeing the light of day. Original Self was often stuffed away at an infant stage while our Guardian Self (which is designed to manage trust, safety, and protection), our Functional Self (which operates in higher competency and takes responsibility for getting necessary things done in our practical, outward lives) and our Emotional Self (which carries our trauma and connects at a deeper emotional level) all handle the burdens of life in a broken world.

For more info on these three facets of everyone’s core identity, you may check out these slides from Heartsynch, a ministry that emphasizes the subject:

In a more realistic situation (having only four aspects of self is too simple for anyone who has existed on planet earth for very long), there are going to be many fragments who have split from these identities and who play similar roles, such as protecting, carrying pain, etc.

In a more complex situation where someone has lived through regular and intense abuse at an early age, there are going to be more heavily dissociated parts such as full alter identities and more intense defense mechanisms against accessing deeper wounds. If things have been especially severe, an alter or group of alters can be living the person’s life on the surface while the true core identities are all suppressed underneath, remaining at child stages.

In some cases, facets of the core may even be missing, may be trapped in other realms. Some call these “regions of captivity.” Anna Mendez Farrel wrote a book by that name on the subject of rescuing parts of people from various spiritual realms of bondage.

The enemy sometimes takes advantage of trauma and generational sins to capture parts of us and to take them into these realms, just to make it all more difficult for us (and to further his agenda in certain ways). Just as significant aspects of us are “seated in heavenly places in Christ at the right hand of the Father” while we physically live on the earth, there is a counterfeit to this in which the enemy takes advantage of what access he can get to us and sticks parts of us in hellish places while we exist on earth. This even happens to Original Self and other facets of the core in some instances.

According to Arthur Burk, as recorded in his “Tools for Freedom” seminar series (available for purchase on his Austrian website), ritual abuse (RA) survivors “always” have their Original Self trapped in a realm called “outer darkness.” He says that perpetrators systematically and intentionally set children up to get their Original Selves trapped in this realm, because it is a realm which they can’t possibly get themselves back from without help, and because not having access to one’s Original Self makes their healing process more difficult.

Burk says that outer darkness is a place where there is no time or space, where there is unproductive, unending sorrow, as scripture speaks of “weeping and gnashing of teeth” in outer darkness. He says that people who have parts of themselves stuck there show two potential signs: unproductive weeping that never resolves, and a sense of weightlessness or free-falling coming upon them at different times. I’ve also heard one or two RA survivors share that their Original Selves had been trapped in a realm of fiery torment before being rescued.

Burk has a specific protocol for RA survivors to get portions of their human spirit recovered from places of captivity and seated on a “seat of dominion” where their spirit can be fully effective, then getting Original Self out of captivity, walking Original Self through a healing process on one’s personal timeline, and finally using the human spirit and Original Self to heal the fractured parts of the soul in a way that only the human spirit working with Original Self can. More explanation is found in the third volume of his “Tools for Freedom” series. (I haven’t used this protocol, but am just letting you know it’s out there.)

So begins our story:

A friend was scheduled to pray with me, but there was some miscommunication, and I was left out of the session. Two others joined, and the subject of the prayer time turned out to be going after a part who had been crying out for help through this woman’s dreams. They were led to rescue this part from being trapped in another dimension (a region of captivity), and it was identified as a part of her core. Missing the memo, thinking they had been covering some random and unrelated emergency, I rescheduled my prayer time with her to begin immediately after their session finished.

I was told that they had found this three-year-old part trapped in a cave and that the three-year-old was in charge of a group of older parts. The three-year-old had the maturity of an adult, was recognized as the part in the dreams crying out for help, and seemed to be carrying many facets of woundedness and ability. The older parts she was in charge of were more one-dimensional. They each seemed to carry a single issue or have a single job, and to look to the toddler for guidance.

The ministers bound up the demonic captors in this cave and got rid of them (a common step that is needed before getting parts out of captivity) then began communicating with the three-year-old and the others. These parts turned out to be fearful of leaving the cave, and the three-year-old was very angry at the adult she belonged to for not coming to help sooner. Jesus was invited to relate to and to earn the trust of the group. The adult receiving prayer also needed to apologize to the toddler for not listening to her cries and coming to help her earlier.

As the toddler and the older parts gained trust, they became willing to go with Jesus, to leave the cave they had been hiding in, and he brought them back from that dimension to the woman they had been taken from.

When I joined in, the toddler still had a bad attitude towards the adult she had been brought back to. She was identified as part of the Original Self, or maybe even the whole Original Self. From her place of captivity, she had observed the woman’s life and strongly disagreed with some of her choices. This Original Self was very strong-willed and believed that the rest of the woman had let others take advantage of her far too much. This was one angry and obstinate three-year-old, who had some really good points to make in the midst of her bad attitude and angry accusations.

I walked the woman through listening to the accusations and looking for truth in them, trying to find problems to work on resolving and trying to reconcile with this previously missing, angry part of her core. It was slow going, but we were making progress.

At one point, I began to see a dark portal behind this identity, and we sought the Lord about what opened it in the first place. She discerned that ancestors had bartered away the Original Self of the one who would fill this spot in the generational line for the sake of gaining occult power. We repented for this on behalf of the ancestors who participated in that, and we closed the portal. Also, a device was discerned on the Original Self’s head, which seemed to be related to picking up frequencies from the enemy. That left along with the portal through a simple command.

As soon as the portal and the device were removed, this Original Self immediately grew to full adulthood, became significantly taller than the body of the person who they belonged to. She instantly changed from a negatively slanted, angry part who obstinately refused to let her anger be removed, to an angelic personality who was supremely agreeable to anything that would progress her healing. Issues were quickly removed, and she was soon ready to forgive and be combined with the rest of the woman she had so harshly been accusing and rejecting before.

This identity was revealed to be the container in which the rest of the woman belonged within, and as we prayed for integration, she felt both sides of the process. She felt herself being poured into the container, and at the same time felt herself as the container into which the rest of her was being poured.

After this healing and integration of her Original Self, my friend felt six inches taller and began to set strong boundaries in many areas of her life where she had previously allowed herself to be walked over. From that point forward, she also began making more responsible decisions in various practical areas which she’d had huge difficulty with for years.

In my own life, I seemed to recover a part of my Original Self from captivity within a cave, where many preverbal (very early life, in the womb and such) fragments were trapped. I ran into this identity long after I had received ministry to many other areas, and was not particularly even looking for it. I was just allowing the Lord to dig up whatever he wanted in the area of preverbal wounds. Maybe this part of me was fractured very early.

As this recovered part of my OS was healed up and restored to the rest of me, I found my overall Original Self to become a tremendous asset in my prayer times. This part of me had become so incredibly pure and spiritually centered, that I was more confident in his ability to get answers from God than the rest of me, and had a lot of confidence that he could bring the rest of me into real encounters with the Lord on a more profound level.

Caves are not the only place parts of us can be found in captivity. It could be just about any structure, dimension or environment. There is typically a need to get the part in captivity to break agreement with enemy captors, and then to get rid of the captors. Sometimes the parts will immediately agree to be taken to a safer place. At other times, some issues may need to be worked through first, such as the fear of leaving or lack of trust, as in this case.

Recovering the Human Spirit:

Another person I prayed with not long ago had been struggling with a sense of being separated from their spiritual life, and this showed up in a variety of ways. They especially felt that their connection with God was dulled.

At one point in their process, I was shown a house of death, and this house was split into two sides. There was a light side and a dark side. On the light side was a white being of light who was surrounded by a fog of confusion and who was stuck in a seated position. On the dark side, a man was expressing emotional anguish. Some kind of barrier separated the two sides.

Discerning things further, I began to pick up on the specific issues the man on the dark side of the house was carrying, along with his characteristics. All the things I called out lined up exactly with how her husband was on his worst day, when he was in his most triggered and aggressive state. This turned out to be a fragment of the woman’s husband trapped inside this structure. On the light side of the house, I picked up that the shining being was the woman’s human spirit.

I prayed both the husband’s fragment and the human spirit through a few steps of getting cleansed and healed, and got both of them out of this house, restoring the woman’s spirit back to function with the rest of her.

From that point forward, she noticed a stronger connection with God, a sense of deep awareness of spiritual truth rather than only an intellectual agreement, a new sense of life within and an oppression of death having been removed. Her spiritual discernment was significantly increased also. She found it easier to focus and to think clearly.

There are many different scenarios where the human spirit or parts of the human spirit can be rescued from captivity. I’ve found them in an underwater place called “the depths,” trapped in locations in outer space, stuck in enemy devices of bondage and containment, or in a grave realm which I believe is “Sheol.” Getting parts of the human spirit out of Sheol often looks like dealing with enemy guards first, breaking open doors or a barrier, calling the spirit out of that realm of death into life, and cleansing the spirit from “graveclothes” of defilement and such.

Seven portions of the human spirit may be present with the person or may not be. These seven seem to be according to the seven redemptive gifts listed in Romans 12, which Arthur Burk has expounded upon in great detail. There seems to be a core or “Neshemah” of the human spirit which may also be broken into pieces and contained in places of bondage until rescued. Parts of the spirit may have been damaged and fractured even before conception on the way to the body, and need to be rescued from a heavenly realm.

For more on ministry to the human spirit, here is a good overview of many aspects by Dr. Rob Ruckert and Dan Duval:

So, the point is that the most core parts of our being, our Original Self and aspects of our human spirit, may be found in many different conditions, even in captivity outside our body. Finding, healing, and restoring these can make a significant difference in one’s life. Some people may be immediately ready to access these most prized areas of self, while others may need to work through healing more surface aspects such as woundedness and guardian defenses before their deeper aspects of self allow themselves to be accessed.

For a more in-depth description of the inner world and how ministry to different facets of self, the human spirit, and many other things can look, check out my upcoming book, Divine Healing for Spirit, Soul & Body, coauthored with Diane Moyer. It should be out in a week or less.

Also, if you are still following this blog, you may want to transition over to my current site:


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