New Book Out

You may have wondered why the posts dropped off. I’ve been working on a few books.

This first one, Broken to Whole: Inner Healing for the Fragmented Soul, was a group project with five other authors, each sharing their unique revelations and experiences on the subject of healing fractured parts. I’ve included more in-depth material and many real-life examples in the book than in all these posts combined. It has been selling well and going to some interesting places. If you are interested in learning more about the subject, I recommend purchasing it.

As much as I like to keep things simple and streamlined, I’ve gone to the trouble of putting together a real website for the sake of getting this info out. It isn’t anything super-impressive, but at least it comes across a bit more serious than an anonymous blog.

Here’s a link to my new site, where I’m in the process of transferring blog content over to and adding new articles and such as well. You will find a link to buy the book there too (second link goes straight to the book page).

Another book “Divine Healing for Spirit, Soul, and Body” is on its way soon. This one is a project with one other author, Diane Moyer, goes deep into the heart behind healing, how the Lord has revealed his heart to us, and how physical, emotional, and spiritual healing are intertwined.

It provides answers to big questions such as why many struggle to obtain physical, spiritual, and emotional healing, and includes many real-life stories of the miraculous on all these levels. It doesn’t go as deep into parts ministry as the other book, but covers a more broad array of subjects such as healing the human spirit, synchronizing core identities, generational cleansing, etc., while focusing on heart rather than technique. It promises to help many find freedom and understanding in areas which are commonly clouded, to help many build a foundation to go deep in each of the many aspects of healing discussed.


A Glimpse Into the Afterlife: Plundering the Gates of Hell, Freeing Captives in this World and That



Before I was scheduled to pray for a woman, I was shown to go after freeing her from disembodied human spirits which had been passed down her generational line.

I’m talking about dead people. People who have passed on and who were still spiritually bound. They are sometimes caught in captivity by the demonic and used to oppress their own descendants (or others). I’ve run into this consistently, and have seen real fruit from freeing people from such things (including in my own life).

Here is a link to Dave Nevins’ quick explanation of this subject if it is a new one to you.

The enemy has no power other than what we give him, so what better way to establish his foothold in people than to implant the spirits of his captives within them. This seems to be a very common strategy which he uses to fortify his grip on people and on geographic locations.

I’ve found that these human spirits infect their host with the spiritual bondages, physical and emotional issues they themselves carry. Sometimes they even intentionally work against the person, either out of their personal wounding and malice or on a direct assignment from the enemy.

Some are just lost or operating with a more neutral type of agenda, looking to get a need met or not knowing where else to go. Freeing someone from disembodied human spirits not only tends to clear them from whatever problems were being caused by their presence, but can lead to these spirits meeting the Lord, finding redemption, healing, and deliverance, moving on into glory.

I was shown a “boss” human spirit, a large and broad man, appearing dark skinned, who was in charge of the captivity of a number of other human spirits. He himself was under the authority of the enemy. I was led to try to reach him, to set him and those under his authority free, which would free the woman up from the bondages they were carrying. When I told her about the “boss” (without sharing identifying characteristics), she said that she had seen him standing at the foot of her bed the night before. She described him as a very large, scary man with somewhat dark colored skin.

One exciting aspect of this prayer time, besides the opportunity to explore an area few have shared much detail about publicly, was the fact that the woman I was praying for is incredibly spiritually sensitive. She sees visions like movies playing in front of her in HD clarity, and has a very strong sense of when the Lord is confirming the truth of this or that revelation. She had little to no grid for this subject, and so this experience was shaping up to be a great learning experience for the both of us.


Meeting “Boss Man.”

I called for this boss spirit within her to come to attention, sharing that I wanted to free him as well as his host from all the torment and bondage they were living in. I invited the Boss Man to tell me his story or to share anything he wanted to share. The woman I was praying for could see him, and but could tell that he wasn’t too happy with me or willing to talk. His lips were sealed tight, other than apparently the words, “Let’s tango.”

I used a tool I’ve found effective in working with fractured parts, which I’ve also found to be effective with disembodied human spirits. (People are people, alive, dead, or fractured, they can be healed and freed in the same ways.) I bound and restrained the demonic from manipulating or controlling the man, and asked him if he was willing to be freed from it. When he said yes, I simply commanded all the demonic to leave him and never return. He softened up quite a bit after that quick prayer.

As the Boss Man began to share, it turned out that he was in charge of a number of other human spirits within this woman, and that he reported to the “Black One.” He was unwilling to break his agreement with the “Black One,” saying that the other spirits needed it “especially the little one.” I questioned him about what the Black One did for them, trying to find out what need was being met so that I could share how the Lord could do a better job of meeting those needs.

Did the Black One offer some kind of protection? Boss Man said no.  He said that the Black One didn’t do a whole lot for any of them. I thought maybe the only reason Boss Man was unwilling to break agreement would be a fear of punishment, for himself and for the ones under his authority.

I declared that I was binding up the “Black One” in chains, completely immobilizing him so that he could do no harm, dragging him into the room before the Boss Man, and putting him down on the floor. Boss Man said that he could now see the “Black One” lying in front of him bound. It turned out as I suspected, that this Black One was a huge demon.

I shared that the human spirits didn’t have anything to worry about from this guy. I shared that Jesus could meet all his needs and the needs of the other spirits, could heal and free them all, including the little one he had spoken of. Boss Man replied, “Who is this Jesus?”

I declared by faith that I was putting a movie in front of the Boss Man, which would show who Jesus is. Boss watched the movie and then said he was “unmoved.” I told him that Jesus was the one who gave me authority to put the Black One in chains. Boss was unimpressed, saying that he’d seen it done before.

I asked him who he had seen put the Black One in chains before? Boss said, “the Red One.” I wondered if there had been some encounter with an angel, or maybe with a praying Christian or something like that. I asked Boss if “the Red One” was a good guy or a bad guy. Boss shared that he was “very mean and vicious.” (That sounded like a bad guy to me.)

I declared that I was now binding the “Red One” in chains, completely immobilizing him so that he could do no harm, and dragging him into the room, putting him down on the floor next to “Black One” at Boss’ feet. It turned out that Red One was an even bigger, nastier demon than Black One, but was now rendered powerless just the same.

I asked Boss if he could see the Red One next to Black One now, and he said “Yes,” exclaiming, “I believe!” He became willing to meet this Jesus I had spoken of.

Before inviting Jesus in, just as when working with fractured parts, I’ve found it necessary to get the human spirits to break all agreements with other spirits who have been in the Lord’s place in their lives. Otherwise, Jesus refuses to override the person’s will and they tend to encounter evil counterfeits rather than the true Jesus. I asked Boss if he’d been involved in the occult or any religions, trying to discern whether he would have picked up any bad “spirit guides.”

Boss said that no, he hadn’t been involved in any religions or spiritual practices, but that he did have an agreement with Death. He described Death as being a dark figure whose face was hidden under a brown hood. I offered to put that guy in chains too, to bring him in and seat him next to the other two, just to show that he had nothing to worry about from breaking agreement.

Boss replied, “NO! DON’T DO THAT!” He seemed to be terrified at the idea of bringing the brown hooded one into the room, and the woman I was praying for could feel his overwhelming terror herself. She nearly wanted to stop the session because the emotions she was feeling from this man were so extreme now.

Boss man said the chains wouldn’t be necessary, that he would simply break his agreement with Death. I got his permission to have Death, Black One, Red One, and all other bad spirits totally removed, along with the fear he was feeling. As I was commanding all that to go, the woman felt the fear leave and the wild emotions settle down.

When we invited Jesus to come in and reveal himself, the woman heard Boss exclaim, “My Lord!” and “I’ve come home!” I asked Boss to examine this Jesus, to tell us what he saw, especially in his eyes. I was making sure that this was not a counterfeit, that it truly had love in the eyes. Boss described this Jesus as “the embodiment of compassion, Life itself, Love, Warmth, a cool drink of water.” I said that sounds like the real Jesus! (and come to think of it, I guess it turns out you can get a glass of ice water in hell if you know who to ask…)

Jesus related to the Boss a bit, and then opened four cast-iron doors behind him. Out of three of those doors came numerous human spirits, some with happy grins, others with tears of joy, rushing out to meet Jesus, finding healing and freedom. Behind the fourth door was an animal like creature, which Jesus healed, turning it back into the form of a child.

Jesus brought the child to the woman, integrated it into her. He led the group of human spirits, Boss included, away to a better place out of captivity and outside the living woman.

This woman described herself as “light as a feather and glowing” after all this was done. She commented that she couldn’t believe how light she felt, how heavy all those human spirits must have been.

Lion, Ox, Eagle, Man Revelation


Praying for an injured friend in the hospital with a team, I was shown the Lord with the one suffering in the form of the Lion, the Ox, the Eagle, and the Man. Each was performing a function according to their unique purpose.

Many are familiar with these as the four faces of the Cherubim at the beginning of the book of Ezekiel, but they are also found in other places throughout scripture. The nation of Israel camped in the wilderness in a formation with four banners to each cardinal direction, and each banner had one of these images upon it: Lion, Ox, Eagle, and Man.

The four gospel accounts are said to represent Jesus in each of these forms. Matthew reveals the Lion nature of Jesus, focused on the story of the King who came to establish his kingdom. Mark reveals the Ox nature of Jesus as a laboring and suffering, powerful servant. Luke reveals the Man nature of Jesus as a relational, compassionate communicator. John reveals the Eagle nature of Jesus, “he who is in heaven” even while he lives on earth, with keen spiritual perception and revelation.

Also, at the end of the book of Job, the Almighty speaks to Job of “bringing forth Mazzaroth,” which was the Hebrew name for the Zodiac constellations. Though modern astrology interprets these through the lens of Pagan mythology, they were originally designed to tell the story of redemption through Jesus Christ.

There is a different, more ancient interpretation, partially lost to antiquity yet still possible to explore through ancient historical sources, the old Hebrew and Arabic names of the stars which make them up, etc.

In the Mazzaroth, the story of redemption, the Lion (Leo), Ox (Taurus), Eagle (Earlier interpretation of Scorpio), and Man (Aquarius) offer many insights into these aspects of the Lord’s nature. With some deeper study into this, as well as looking at the various gospel account emphases, one could find confirmation to some of what I’m about to share.

Also, I’ve run into situations where the Lord has come to minister to other people in the form of a Lion, an Ox, an Eagle, and as a Man as they have perceived him themselves.


I saw the Lion exercising dominion over the enemy, establishing a place of safety for the woman who had been under severe demonic attack. The Lion is Jesus the King, establishing his kingdom where only good is allowed and nothing evil on earth as it is in heaven, putting a final end to every work of darkness. The person I was praying with had already seen the Lion there, establishing these things even before I did.

I saw the Ox plowing the ground around the hospital bed where the woman was lying, preparing to turn the hard circumstances into a productive future. The Ox gets his hands dirty in the hard and ugly realities of people’s suffering and darkness. He plows hard ground into good soil for the seeds of the kingdom to grow, preparing for a future harvest out of lifeless, resistant, nasty dirt.

The Ox has been seen “cleaning house,” removing bondages and hurts, just as the gospel of Mark reveals Jesus constantly doing miraculous works, healing and delivering people one after another.

I was seeing the Eagle also guarding my friend in the hospital, using his great spiritual perception to pick off the enemy as he would attempt to make sneak attacks on her. The eagle is a predator of the serpent, and the serpent is called in Genesis, “the most cunning of all beasts.” His only power over the sons of God is that which we give him, and he always obtains it through trickery.

The Lord as Eagle was focusing his sharp vision on discerning the enemy’s subtle attacks and tactics to put a stop to them.

The Lord as Man was most interesting to me. I was being shown how he was overseeing complex processes, doing deep and intricate surgery inside my hurting friend. The Man was overseeing and administrating the Divine purposes within time, arranging for one blessing to be poured out at exactly the time it was needed, then another prepared to be poured out at the next, perfect time for that blessing, and so on.

I was especially being shown the Man’s dominion over Divine timing, and how his great wisdom and understanding was applied to arranging the Lord’s process in my friend’s life ahead of time.


My friend wasn’t healed from the condition she was hospitalized for. She required an amputation of her leg, despite the faith-filled and Spirit-led prayers of many, even despite my visions and revelations of the Lord warring on her behalf.

Still, the story isn’t over. I believe the Lord intends to grow her amputated leg back completely. He anoints us and sets a table for us (fellowship with him) in the midst of our enemies, not in the midst of every circumstance always being perfect.

In no way do I believe the Lord has abandoned or failed my friend who many of us have carried so heavily in our hearts during this time. Everything will be turned around. A resurrection awaits.


A Resource for Understanding Ministry to DID + Encouragement for the Journey

Restoration in Christ Ministry (RCM), originally led by Dr. Tom Hawkins and now by his widow, Diane Hawkins (an SRA survivor herself) has been heavily working with DID and such since the 1980’s (if I remember correctly). They have been one of the early pioneers to teach ministry to fractured parts and certain related subjects, such as the courts of heaven, to the widespread body of Christ.

Their approach seems to be focused on the most extreme end of the scale, rather than on ministry to the common fractured parts everyone has which I’m usually talking about in my posts. Nevertheless, the principles are often the same.

I can’t promise that all the healing approaches taught would be something I would endorse. I’ve run into widespread use of approaches I don’t endorse, usually called “memory work” or “memory healing,” which I’ve found to be unnecessary and unnecessarily traumatic for people when working with their more significant fracturing. I’m a bit concerned that this ministry may still be teaching that approach, by the looks of the names of some of their seminar modules.

Still, they are going to have tremendous wisdom and insight into the general subject of understanding DID and ministry to it, even if my suspicions are correct. I expect that I could learn a ton from their decades of intensive experience.

Education is helpful here, and I don’t think it’s healthy to only get your info on such a thing as this from only one source.


Here is a link to an upcoming RCM training webinar on Feb 17, 2017 ($40 charge):


And here is a link to their more in-depth materials ($95 for Mp3 format):


An Encouragement for Those in a Healing Process:

You don’t need to have this all figured out. This isn’t about figuring out an equation to get yourself healed. The Lord is healing you. It is your job to rest and receive, nothing more. HE is your healer, just believe it and let him continue to do it.

Let him love you. He wants to take the burdens from you. This isn’t about you having to perform or have all the answers. You never possibly could, but he does, and he is leading you in them. He is perfectly faithful to complete that which he has begun in you and will do it. Again, your job is just to receive.

Many times we can get all caught up in thinking we have to figure out how to get healed, work the equation, learn everything, make it happen, but redemption doesn’t work like that. Redemption is a gift from the lover of your soul, and he is redeeming you piece by piece, whether you see it all happening now or not. Just let him do it. If you could do it yourself there would be no need for the cross.

It is good to learn from others, to learn wisdom about how the spiritual and human internal realms work, and about how the Lord often works in those realms. At the same time, let him be your guide. Let him be your source. Just let him do what he wants to do, what he has already given everything he had so that he could do for you.

The Lord Doesn’t Require Unbelievers to Believe (Lessons Learned Helping Parts Meet the Real Jesus)




We’re probably used to thinking of God as requiring people to trust him or to believe in him so that they can qualify for his help or his salvation. What if I told you that God doesn’t require faith from the unbelieving, but instead gives faith to unbelievers by proving himself trustworthy in their lives first? What if “saved by grace through faith, and that the gift of God,” actually means faith is something God builds in us as he reveals who he is to us, while not requiring it from those who don’t yet have it? Would this change the very foundation of much ministry as we know it? Let me explain a bit from an example of the Lord ministering to someone’s deep woundedness:


Whose Parts?

I was praying with someone who came from a great Christian family. She described her upbringing as very healthy, loving, and free of abuse. Like many church kids do however, she rebelled against Christianity as she got older, getting into drugs, dabbling in Eastern religions, running with the wrong crowds, etc. She was looking for something “real” as opposed to the lack of substance she had found in the Western Evangelical church. Despite her wholesome upbringing, she had just never encountered God in a way that was real to her.

After she found the Lord experientially as an adult, I ended up walking her through healing of some of her fractured parts which contained some of her issues. These ones seemed to come from more difficult, later times in her life, and had been created during times when she didn’t believe in Jesus. They still didn’t believe, even though the core of this woman was now strong in faith.

I think she was well adjusted overall when I first met her, and she had a strong, interactive relationship with God. Regardless of her wholesome and safe upbringing, current spirituality, and “well-adjustedness,” she still benefited significantly from healing her fractured parts.



The morning before our scheduled prayer session, she believed the Lord was highlighting some specific issues from her past he still wanted to heal. I prayed at the beginning of the session and was shown a certain adult part of her who was driven to perform and to protect in certain ways. At first, it seemed we may have been getting conflicting directions since nothing was apparently lining up.

I quickly prayed over this part I was seeing and called it to the surface, to share anything which was on her heart with us. I made sure to let the woman know not to analyze her past or her emotions, that we didn’t need to figure all that out, but that we only needed to let the fractured part of her share what was on her (the part’s) heart.

It turned out that the pains and concerns the part was sharing from within this woman were very related to the issues in her past which the Lord had highlighted to her that morning. This was a time of great turmoil when she had felt very unsafe.

Like many fractured parts, this one was found in a spiritual house within the woman, and this house was actually a place of captivity representing the trauma she endured at the time. (Parts can be found in many different structures, such as dungeons, caves, corporate buildings, etc., but a house is probably most common.) When I asked the part how she felt about Jesus, she replied that she didn’t have faith in him, saying “I’m not sure if he’s real.”

Since I’ve run into this so often, where parts don’t believe in the Lord (and many times even hate him or aggressively refuse to trust him) and have seen these things resolved in the same ways over and over again, I reassured her that this would be no problem. I told her that Jesus doesn’t need her to believe in him, but that he would come and prove himself to her if she was only willing to give him a chance.

I started out by asking her if she knew of any gods or spirits who were already in the house. The words came back, “Pharmakia and Rebellion.” I asked how she felt about those spirits. She replied, “I’m only trying to make friends.” It turned out that these spirits were what the “cool” people were into at the time. I asked if she knew they were demons and that they were there to kill her. She said, “yes.”

I asked how it was going with these spirits helping her to make friends, and she said that she still felt very lonely. She agreed with me that these bad spirits weren’t doing their job very well, and absolutely agreed to have them removed. (Permission is usually all you need) As I told them to go, the part (and the woman overall) suddenly felt much more peaceful.

The reason why I went straight from talking about Jesus showing up and proving himself to asking about other spirits is because I’ve found the presence of other “gods” to be the main reason people’s parts end up encountering the wrong spirit when inviting the Lord in. No sin on the part of the person or their parts is going to stop the Lord from ministering to them (if they are willing to receive), but intentional agreements with other spirits in place of the Lord, where those beings have become “gods” or guides to the person and their parts, do tend to produce counterfeit encounters.

In other words, I’ve found that the Lord will reveal himself no matter what hurts or sins the parts are carrying (as long as they are truly willing for him to do that), but that literal relationship with other gods/spirits tends to be a blockage needing to be resolved before he will show up.

I believe this all just comes down to free will. Grace is absolute, but the Lord also respects our will absolutely.

I was asking the part what form she would be most comfortable with the Lord showing up as since he can take any form one is most at ease with. The important thing is the eyes of whatever shows up. Is there love in the eyes or are they cold, mean, and/or empty? Is everything in the eyes good, or is there something negative in there? That’s how you can know it’s the Lord or not. The Lord always allows the parts to see his eyes. Other spirits may look great everywhere else, and even can look just like Jesus in every other way, but will hide their eyes to hide their true nature.

You can also tell by how the spirit treats the parts. Is it helping and healing the woundedness, or only reinforcing the woundedness? The counterfeits are often passive and powerless, giving promises of healing but not actually doing anything, or they may be mean and aggressive, literally causing more problems. Hopefully though, you will check the eyes first so that you don’t need to let them go that far. If in doubt, you can always use your authority in Christ to expose or restrain counterfeits, and that will work if they are really counterfeits.

While I was still talking with the part and as she was sharing that she would like the Lord to come in a certain form, she noticed that something was already in the room seeming to take that form. It had wings like an angel and had blue light shining from all around it. It sounded like it could have been a real angel. It got down on one knee and began ministering to the part, consoling her, telling her that she was OK, that everything was fine. I kept urging her to check the eyes. She said they were green and blue, but I wanted her to tell me what emotions or qualities were coming from those eyes, not just what color they were.

The woman told me that this part wasn’t willing to trust this being, wasn’t willing to extend faith that this “God” was really good. I replied that she doesn’t need to extend any trust. I actually told her not to trust at all, because that wasn’t what we were doing. We were trying to discern the being, not trying to trust it.

I asked the part to look into its eyes again and to report what she saw. The woman began to relay to me that she was getting images of dead things with empty, dark eyes as her part was examining the eyes of this “angel.” As she realized that her job was not to automatically trust whatever showed up, she began to get some discernment about the being, that it was a fairy, not an angel. Fairies are a mythological (but actually spiritual) creature known for rebellion and mischief.

I walked the woman and her part through a generational renunciation, breaking any agreements ancestors may have made with fairies or with folk religions which would have invited relationship with fairies. I’ve found generational renunciation to be necessary and effective on certain occasions where, regardless of how many personal agreements with evil spirits were broken, people’s parts just kept on running into counterfeit after counterfeit as they were inviting God to reveal himself. As in those situations, after this renunciation, the fairy disappeared. The woman felt led to have her part break agreement with a certain form psychedelic drug use which could have been related to fairies, and she did that as well.

When we invited the Lord to reveal himself to the part now, Jesus came in the room in the form he is portrayed in Akiane’s paintings. The part said she always liked that image of Jesus, and was most comfortable with it. As she examined him, looking into his eyes, she could see love there, and could see no bad qualities, only good.

Jesus took her hand and began leading her out of the house, which had been her place of darkness and captivity. She felt great peace and freedom as she escaped that building. As they walked outside, Jesus began to hold her, allowing her to cry on his shoulder. He talked to her a little bit and asked her, “Do you trust me?” She exclaimed, “Yes!”

There was a little bit of further healing if I remember correctly, and then the part was integrated into the whole woman. She felt wonderful.


After the prayer session, I shared with the woman how smooth and easy her healing was going. I run into plenty of rougher cases. She was sharing how good her childhood had been, how little trauma there was, how loving her parents were, how she was raised in such a wholesome Christian home, etc. Those are all good things. She shared that her wayward times just came from her own rebellion.

I can’t give God credit for this with certainty, but I started to see the typical “Christian upbringing” from a little bit different perspective. I spontaneously began to share something with her which was coming out of that.

I shared that I was impressed with people I’d known who had grown up in really strong Christian homes, who had seemed so well rounded, relationally healthy, and balanced. I could clearly tell that their upbringing was vastly different than mine, where I had one parent emotionally absent for a little bit before soon being dead, and then the other parent too overwhelmed with survival to be there much, neither of whom were very churchgoing (So I was not either). On the other hand, I said that growing up in the church is often traumatic in its own way.

I referred to the Western Evangelical church as “a cult,” where great fear and shame are used to push people to agree with beliefs they have personally seen little or no evidence for, and where people are demanded, under threat of great punishment, to act like someone who knows God when they don’t actually know him.

I shared that she was never rebelling against God in her search for “forbidden” experiences. This was because she hadn’t known him yet. She had only been rebelling against the control tactics of a cult. She had done what any human being tends to do when intensely pressured to swallow and conform to standards and beliefs without any evidence, reacting in the opposite direction.

I pray with people who have grown up in church and in committed Christian homes who have come away with severe issues. People have had their very personhood taken away, turned into doormats for lifelong abuse in the name of submission and obedience to “godly authority.” Women have been convinced to submit to their husband’s beatings “as unto the Lord.”

People have formed “good” (complicit) parts and “bad” (rebellious) parts in an effort to cope with a home where they had to comply with control or abuse to be “good,” or at other times have had to accept a label of being “bad” to maintain their own sense of worth and individuality.

People have been condemned and terrorized by a god who “righteously” threatens eternal torture for those who fail to line up to a standard they just can’t meet. If you don’t agree with the right doctrines, if you don’t behave the right ways, if you sin differently than the accepted group, you are one of “them,” not one of “us.” But, what if God doesn’t work that way? What if he doesn’t shame and terrorize people into accepting his doctrines? What if he earns our trust by his actions before he expects us to believe something about him?

There was a popular evangelism method, “The Way of the Master,” which was spread through the churches not too many years ago. I think it was based on traditional Methodist theology or something like that. It was created by this open-air street evangelist, an incredibly gifted public speaker, who I don’t think saw more than a couple conversions per year. I could be wrong on that, but most of the examples I saw were of people just getting pissed off and deciding he was full of crap.

He would start by condemning the unbeliever because they don’t measure up to the law of Moses (which law was never God’s will in the first place if you look at the context it was given, an answer to a rebellious people who had refused the Lord’s offer of relationship, demanding rules to keep according to their own slavery mentality and barbaric culture of some 4000 years ago). Then, he would proceed into quoting some completely mistranslated and out of context verse, sentencing the unbeliever to an eternity in a torturous flaming hell (a doctrine not found in the original languages of scripture and not very well accepted among Christians until Catholicism took control in the fifth century AD).

All along, this preacher would be insinuating that the person who genuinely wasn’t sure yet if Jesus was the way, really did already know and was “without excuse,” based on a verse out of Romans 1. The idea presented in Romans 1, that mankind has some kind of connection to God within and a conscience about right and wrong making us accountable for our moral choices, was used to demand a leap of faith into swallowing all of this man’s beliefs about a condemning, child abusing God worse than Hitler and Freddy Kruger combined. This was obviously leading into a fear based life of strict denial of most of one’s own thoughts, feelings, and spiritual process of discovery.

Somehow, despite its dismal results in most places it’s been applied, that method of evangelism was spread throughout the church, even across denominational lines. Maybe it fit right in with the culture already in place? Maybe someone smarter than me can offer a better explanation for such strange events.

What if real evangelism isn’t meant to look anything like that? What if God simply never treats people like that? What if we are meant to patiently love people and introduce them to a direct encounter with God so they can know him for themselves? What if spiritual leadership is meant to lead people into knowing him directly instead of merely being controlled by man? Maybe we’d end up with some different statistics than the current ones which say most churchgoing kids drop out of their faith as soon as they leave for college.